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Elevate Your Viewing Experience with Reflectel's Custom Frames for Samsung Frame TV

Transform your Samsung Frame TV into a captivating centerpiece with one of Reflectel's custom television frames. Our meticulously crafted frames, available in wood, leather, gilded, metal, and our Signature Series, offer a seamless blend of technology and artistry, elevating your space to new heights of style and sophistication.

Unmatched Craftsmanship:
Reflectel's legacy of over 30 years in framing expertise, inherited from our partnership with GK Framing, shines through in every frame we create. Handcrafted by skilled artisans in NYC, each piece is a testament to precision and attention to detail, setting a benchmark in the industry.

Eco-Friendly Excellence:
Our commitment to environmental sustainability is unwavering. The wood used in our frames is responsibly featuring luxurious yet eco-friendly materials like Cherry, Mahogany, Specialty and others

Seamless Integration:
Designed to blend effortlessly with your Samsung Frame TV, our custom solutions enhance its visual appeal while ensuring a perfect fit.

Explore Your Style:
You can browse over 500 frames to discover the perfect one that resonates with your style or custom build your own. Whether your taste leans towards classic grandeur or contemporary finesse, our solutions for Samsung Frame TV frames offer the perfect blend of form, function, and artistry.

Elevate your Samsung Frame TV to an enchanting realm of captivating masterpieces through Reflectel's extraordinary custom framing solutions.

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Unleash Your Style:
Elevate Your Samsung The Frame with Custom Framing Solutions

Discover Reflectel's world of bespoke framing solutions tailored to your Samsung The Frame TV. At Reflectel, we offer a plethora of styles and finishes, allowing you to express your unique aesthetic and enhance the ambiance of your space. Our frames are more than just a decorative accessory; they are a statement of elegance, each meticulously crafted to complement your interior design.

Variety of Styles:
Whether you prefer the sleek lines of modern design or the ornate detailing of traditional craftsmanship, our collection caters to a diverse range of design sensibilities. Explore our Gilded, Leather, Metal, Wood, and Signature Series frames to find the perfect match for your style.

Custom Finishes:
Our custom finishes are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing décor, adding a touch of sophistication to your Samsung The Frame TV. 

Furniture Matched:
Looking to create a harmonious look throughout your space? We offer furniture-matching services to ensure your new frame perfectly aligns with your existing furniture, creating a cohesive and elegant ambiance.


The Reflectel Difference:
Elevating Samsung The Frame with Exceptional Custom Framing Solutions

At Reflectel, we believe in transcending the ordinary to deliver an unparalleled framing experience for your Samsung The Frame TV. Our journey spans over three decades of relentless pursuit of perfection, culminating in the creation of exquisite frames that are much more than mere accessories. They are a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Expert Craftsmanship:

Our frames are handcrafted by skilled artisans in NYC, each piece reflecting a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics. The meticulous attention to detail ensures that every frame is a masterpiece, embodying the pinnacle of quality and design.

Customer-Centric Approach:

Your satisfaction is at the core of our operations. We listen to your unique preferences to deliver custom framing solutions that not only enhance the aesthetics of your Samsung Frame TV but also resonate with your personal style.

Superior Quality:

Utilizing premium materials, we ensure that every frame stands the test of time, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space. Our frames don't only look good; they are built to last, offering enduring value.

Transformative Experience:

The transformative power of our custom solutions go beyond aesthetics. It's about creating a captivating focal point in your living space, turning your television into a mesmerizing centerpiece that seamlessly enhances your interior décor.

Engage with Reflectel and experience the difference of exceptional craftsmanship, personalized service, and the transformative power of custom framing. 

What is the Samsung Frame TV?

The Samsung Frame TV is a blend of art and technology, designed to enhance your living space aesthetically and functionally. One of its key features is the One Connect Box, a sleek, compact unit that houses all the necessary connections and cables required to operate your TV. This innovative design allows for a clutter-free setup, ensuring all wires and connections are consolidated into a single, manageable box.

Here's a detailed breakdown of the Samsung Frame TV features, specifications, and the importance of planning for the One Connect Box installation:

Samsung Frame TV Features:

  • Art Mode: Transform your TV into a piece of art when it's off, displaying stunning artwork or your cherished photos.

  • Customizable Frames: Choose from a variety of frame styles and colors to match your decor.

  • 4K QLED Screen: Experience superior picture quality with over a billion shades of color.

  • Smart TV Features: Access a range of apps, voice control features, and streaming services for an enhanced viewing experience.

Samsung Frame TV Specifications:

  • Resolution: 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)

  • HDR: Quantum HDR 4x

  • Processor: Quantum Processor 4K

  • Sound Output: 40W

  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, Ethernet

Samsung One Connect Box:

The One Connect Box is a pivotal component of your Samsung Frame TV setup. It acts as a hub, allowing you to connect various devices like satellite boxes, gaming consoles, and Blu-ray players without having a tangle of wires hanging from your TV. This is especially crucial for maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your Samsung Frame TV, which doubles as a piece of art.

Planning for Installation:

Proper planning for the installation of the One Connect Box is essential to ensure a clean, wire-free setup. The box needs to be placed in a location where it can easily connect to all your devices while remaining hidden from view. The One Connect Box can not be concealed directly behind the TV glass or frame due to its size, if you would like this option please speak to one of our artisans.

Reflectel's Support:

At Reflectel, we provide expert installation support to ensure the seamless integration of the One Connect Box with your setup. Our team of skilled installers will assist you in finding the optimal placement for the One Connect Box, ensuring all cables are neatly managed and hidden from view. 

Frequently Asked Questions:
Your Guide to Samsung Frame TV Custom Frames

Embarking on the journey of enhancing your Samsung Frame TV with a custom frame is an exciting endeavor. Here, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide clarity on the customization process and the unique features of Samsung Frame TV frames offered by Reflectel.

  • What is a hidden mirror TV?
    A hidden mirror TV is a television that is seamlessly concealed behind a two-way mirror when not in use.
  • How does a hidden mirror TV work?
    Hidden mirror TVs use a specialized glass called Mirror TV glass, which allows the TV to be hidden behind a reflective surface while still providing a clear view when the TV is turned on.
  • Can I use any TV as a hidden mirror TV?
    Reflectel offers a range of Mirror TVs that are specifically designed for optimal performance and concealment. These TVs are carefully selected and customized to work with the Mirror TV glass.
  • Can I customize the frame of my hidden mirror TV?
    Yes, Reflectel offers a wide variety of custom frame options to match your personal style and home decor. From sleek and modern to ornate and traditional, there is a frame design to suit every taste.
  • How is the hidden mirror TV installed?
    Reflectel provides professional installation services to ensure a seamless and secure installation of your hidden mirror TV. Our experienced team will handle all aspects of the installation process, including mounting the TV and framing it with the chosen frame.
  • Can I use my hidden mirror TV as a regular mirror?
    Yes, the two-way Mirror TV glass allows the TV to be completely hidden when turned off, transforming it into an exceptional mirror.
  • What sizes are available for hidden mirror TVs?
    Reflectel offers a range of sizes for hidden mirror TVs, ranging from smaller sizes suitable for bathrooms and bedrooms to larger sizes for living rooms and entertainment areas. Custom sizes are also available upon request.
  • Can I connect my cable box or streaming devices to a hidden mirror TV?
    Yes, hidden mirror TVs are fully compatible with cable boxes, streaming devices, and other audiovisual components. There are various connectivity options available to accommodate your specific setup.
  • Can I control my hidden mirror TV with a remote?
    Yes, hidden mirror TVs can be controlled using a remote control, just like any other television. Reflectel also offers additional control options, including integration with home automation systems.
  • Can I mount my hidden mirror TV above a fireplace?
    Yes, hidden mirror TVs can be mounted above a fireplace to create a stunning focal point in your living room. Reflectel's professional installation team will ensure a secure and aesthetically pleasing installation.
  • Can I use my hidden mirror TV in a bathroom?
    Yes, Reflectel offers specialized Glass Mirror TVs for bathroom applications. These TVs are designed to withstand moisture and humidity, making them perfect for incorporating into your bathroom design.
  • Can I use my hidden mirror TV in a commercial setting?
    Absolutely! Hidden mirror TVs are versatile and can be used in various commercial settings, including hotels, restaurants, spas, and retail spaces, to add a touch of sophistication and entertainment.
  • Can I change the frame of my hidden mirror TV?
    Yes, Reflectel understands that your style preferences may change over time. That's why we offer the flexibility to update or change the frame of your hidden mirror TV to match your evolving decor.
  • Can I customize the position of the hidden mirror TV within the frame?
    Reflectel provides flexibility in positioning the hidden mirror TV within the frame to achieve the desired visual effect. Our installation team will work closely with you to ensure the perfect placement.
  • Can I use my hidden mirror TV for gaming?
    Yes, hidden mirror TVs can be used for gaming, providing an immersive and visually stunning gaming experience. Reflectel offers low latency options for optimal gaming performance.
  • Can I use my hidden mirror TV for video conferencing?
    Yes, hidden mirror TVs can be used for video conferencing purposes. Reflectel can provide solutions for integrating cameras and microphones into the hidden mirror TV setup for seamless video conferencing experiences.
  • Can I install a hidden mirror TV in a small space?
    Reflectel offers hidden mirror TVs in various sizes, including smaller options suitable for compact spaces. Our professional installation team will work with you to determine the best size for your specific needs.
  • Are hidden mirror TVs energy-efficient?
    Yes, hidden mirror TVs are designed with energy efficiency in mind. When the TV is turned off, it is completely hidden behind the mirror, consuming minimal power.
  • Can I update the TV of my hidden mirror TV in the future?
    Reflectel understands that technology evolves, and we offer upgrade options to keep your hidden mirror TV up to date with the latest advancements in audiovisual technology.
  • How do I clean the mirror surface of my hidden mirror TV?
    To clean the mirror surface, simply use a soft, lint-free cloth and a mild glass cleaner. Gently wipe the surface in a circular motion to remove any smudges or fingerprints, ensuring a clear reflection for both the mirror and the TV.

Explore Our Other Frame Collections

Discover the diverse range of frame options available at Reflectel. From the warmth and elegance of our wood frames to the sophistication of our leather, metal, gilded, and signature series, each collection offers a unique aesthetic to complement your Mirror TV. Browse through our stunning gallery and find the perfect frame to elevate your space and create a captivating focal point. Experience the artistry and craftsmanship that sets Reflectel apart and choose the frame that reflects your personal style and taste.


Our custom Samsung Frame TV frames extend beyond mere encasements ; they embody artistry that enriches your living space with an aura of elegance. 


Crafted in New York City, our frames are the antithesis of mass production. Our artisans, with a blend of passion and expertise, meticulously handcraft each piece to your precise specifications.


 The wood used in crafting our frames is responsibly sourced, and the finishes are derived from eco-friendly materials, reflecting our dedication to sustainability without compromising on luxury.


Select from a diverse palette of styles - Gilded, Leather, Metal, Wood, and Signature. Experience the harmonious blend of art and tech, as we offer custom frames that are as unique as your taste.


Looking to have your frame match your furniture? No problem! Leveraging over three decades of expertise, we are proficient at crafting frames with an unparalleled  likeness to your  furniture.

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