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Reflectel in the Spotlight:
Featured Articles in Top Publications

Welcome to Reflectel's Media Spotlight! Here, we're excited to share features from top publications like The New York Times, Forbes, CNET, and others. Dive into stories that celebrate our unique blend of tech and design, as seen in our Mirror TVs. Discover why major outlets are buzzing about Reflectel. Thanks for joining us in celebrating the praise and attention we've received from the industry's best!

Press and Showroom Usage Opportunities

At Reflectel, we're driven by our deep-rooted expertise and love for what we do. Curious about our 35-year journey and our expansive 8000 square foot base in the lively Tribeca area? We'd love to chat! Reach out at or dial 212-431-0633. For a closer look at our creations, book a tour of our showrooms and workspaces a week ahead. Plus, our historic showroom, set in a 19th-century building, is open for select events for up to 100 guests. Interested in hosting? Just ask for Elizabeth when you call. We also proudly offer our space for charity events when possible.

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