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Introduce a touch of opulence and distinctive style to your Reflectel mirror TV with the Brown Leather Frame with Fur Edge. This exceptional frame merges the richness of brown leather with the lavishness of fur, creating a captivating piece that exudes luxury and sophistication.

The frame features a sumptuous brown leather upholstery that envelops your mirror TV in warmth and elegance. The deep, earthy tones of brown evoke a sense of comfort and refinement, complementing a range of interior styles. The supple texture of the leather adds a tactile element, inviting you to experience its luxurious feel.

What truly sets this frame apart is the fur edge that adorns its perimeter. Crafted from premium fur, it brings a touch of glamour and indulgence to your mirror TV. The soft, plush fur creates a striking contrast against the smooth leather, making a bold statement and capturing attention.

The combination of brown leather and fur creates a harmonious fusion of textures and materials. It blends the ruggedness of leather with the lavishness of fur, resulting in a unique and captivating design. This frame exudes a sense of sophistication and adds a touch of lavishness to any space.

Not only does the Brown Leather Frame with Fur Edge enhance the aesthetic appeal of your mirror TV, but it also offers durability and protection. The sturdy construction ensures the longevity of your mirror TV, while the fur edge adds a layer of cushioning and safeguarding.

Brown Leather with Fur Edge TV Frame L26

  • L26

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