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Where’s The TV!? Mirror-TVs In One Of NYC’s Most Luxurious Hotels

Updated: Nov 18

The Baccarat Hotel, across from the Museum of Modern Art, in NYC wanted a discreet and elegant solution to hide the televisions in all of their tastefully appointed suites. Reflectel, vetted head and shoulders from three other TV Mirror companies stepped up and built 120 custom Mirror-TVs, framed in sustainable smoked oak. The massive 6″ Ogee Profile was designed by GK Framing, our sister company, and the French Designer FX. These Portrait Style Mirror TVs are a handsome vertical 55″ x 75″ and showcase LG Hospitality TVs.

The Baccarat opted to work with Reflectel because they wanted maximum TV transmission and the highest quality beam splitter mirror. Only our proprietary, optically coated 4mm glass achieves this staggering metric. We are especially proud of how our mirror TVs extended the architect's vision for the space and became a key focal point of the design scheme.

Bottom Line – not all TV Mirrors are created equal. In a marketplace full of cheap glass, boring frames, and inferior TVs, we are here to stand out and offer a luxury solution. High-end clients are discerning. At Reflectel we go out of our way to make our clients happy and achieve their desired results. Our job is to make our AV Integrator channel partners look good. Consider Elizabeth Goldfeder and her talented team of designers and engineers in your back-office design center. We can help you offer more relevant interior design solutions for your clients customized and tailored to their tastes. Our white-glove service comes with every job. If delivery and installation are needed, we offer that door-to-door service.

We are here to support your initiatives. Did you know that we offer complimentary design services and training to all AV integrators who enroll in our Dealer Program? We provide glass samples and TV frame samples and can fabricate anything your client can dream.

Click Here to become a dealer.

We offer complimentary Photoshop renderings of your client's interior. Send us that photo or send us those architectural renderings! With our Photoshop magic, we illustrate the myriad of frame choices to ensure your clients are making the best decision! Unsure if mahogany wood or yellow gold leaf would look better above that fireplace? We can show you and your client both! We are fluent in CAD drawings and provide shop drawings when that level of complexity is required.

A successful result is the only result.

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About Reflectel and Elizabeth Goldfeder:

Founded and led by Elizabeth Goldfeder, Reflectel boasts over 35 years of pioneering the fusion of design and technology. Elizabeth's vision and dedication have been instrumental in redefining the relationship between art and entertainment. Under her guidance, Reflectel's expertise has become more than just a statement; it's a testament to an unwavering commitment to excellence.

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