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Safer Spaces: Design for Gun Safety Awareness

This Valentine’s Day, we’ve teamed up with the Decoration & Design Building and Safer Spaces; Design for Gun Safety Awareness in support of their fight to end gun violence. Show your support for our friends at the Moms Demand Action and Gays Against Guns organizations.

Moms Demand Action is a grassroots movement of Americans fighting for public safety measures that can protect people from gun violence. They pass stronger gun laws and work to close the loopholes that jeopardize the safety of our families. They also work with communities and business leaders to encourage a culture of responsible gun ownership. 

Gays Against Guns NY is an inclusive direct action group of LGBTQ people and their allies committed to nonviolently breaking the gun industry’s chain of death—investors, manufacturers, the NRA and politicians who block safer gun laws.

Safer Spaces is a group of design industry professionals, looking forward to making the spaces we design and use safer by working together to support organizations devoted to curbing gun violence in America.

We’re so proud to be part of a community that creates beautiful, thoughtful, functional and often inspiring spaces. We believe that together with you, we can also help make those spaces safer. So, we’ve teamed up with Safer Spaces, an organization for design professionals, brands, manufacturers, vendors, media, design centers, industry groups, showrooms and retailers, to stand together to help create meaningful change.

We hope you join us at the DDB building for the silent auction. You can feel great about your bid, here are some of the positive actions your generosity supports:

  1. Pressuring lawmakers to improve our gun laws

  2. Raising awareness about gun violence

  3. Educating the public about common-sense gun laws and responsible gun ownership

  4. Mobilizing grassroots supporters

  5. Connecting and amplifying the voices of survivors of gun violence

Pick up your textile heart badge from participating DDB showrooms on Valentine’s day, post a picture to social media, and tag @saferspacesdesign and #gunsafety to show your support. 

Do you have a charity auction coming up? Reach out to us! We’d love to donate a gift certificate or two.

RSVP here.

Fri, February 14, 2020

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM EST

DDB | Decoration & Design Building

979 Third Avenue

Suite 1722

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About Reflectel and Elizabeth Goldfeder:

Founded and led by Elizabeth Goldfeder, Reflectel boasts over 35 years of pioneering the fusion of design and technology. Elizabeth's vision and dedication have been instrumental in redefining the relationship between art and entertainment. Under her guidance, Reflectel's expertise has become more than just a statement; it's a testament to an unwavering commitment to excellence.

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