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Before and After: The Ultimate Mirror TV Make Over

Updated: Nov 18

The Ultimate Mirror TV Makeover!

When people go out and buy a brand new television, they buy it with the intention of simply displaying black plastic box that projects their favorite movie or show. Many don’t think of their television as a blank canvas for something that can go further and beyond aesthetically. At Reflectel we consider televisions as revolutionary pieces of technology that have so much potential.

Have the opportunity to own an authentic and fully custom Mirror TV to your liking by inquiring with Reflectel! When you work with our team, you are taking the steps to have a beautiful and innovative statement piece of art in your own home—except the art is your television! Each Mirror TV is meticulously handcrafted for the best TV concealment solution available. We have a wide range of different finishes, textures, and colors to fully customize your TV Mirror. From Metal to Wood to Leather and everything in between, Reflectel can provide exactly what you are looking for to spruce up your television and your living space.

We give your TVs the Ultimate Makeover! From Before with a boring black rectangle, to After, a beautiful and functional piece of decor. With our Digital Design Services, you can see exactly how your space can transform with a Reflectel Mirror TV. Can’t decide between a frame style or maybe TV size? Not an issue! Our designers can mockup each option to make the decision making process a breeze.


Landscape Orientation

It wouldn’t be enough for us if we only provide a standard landscape Mirror TV for consumers. We like to take the extra steps and beyond to give everybody a choice of different shapes and orientations. Starting off, of course we have our classic Landscape Orientation for those who want the TV image to fill up the entire mirror space. The Landscape model is perfect for any room set-up, especially for over a fireplace mantel! (our most popular location) What makes our Landscape Orientation stand out even more is the fact that we are the only Mirror TV manufacturers that fabricate edge-to-edge TV concealment.

85” Landscape – Modern Wood

Check out the following Before and After examples for Landscape Mirror TVs. First up is this 85” with an Oak Modern Wood frame. The beauty of this Mirror TV is in its subtly, the frame choice  blends in so seamlessly. It’s a wonderful complement to the credenza and other design elements giving the entire space a relaxed and light feeling. You can see how the Before can’t even compare to the After.

Mirror TV Before (Left) and After (Right) Shot
Before (Left) and After (Right) Shot of a Mirror TV

65” Landscape – Metal

Next up is a 65” with one of our most popular frame styles, a Metal in Zirconia Bronze. Our metals are always sought after as they are incredibly sleek and striking. The warm brown tones of this frame pair so nicely with the intricate tiles on this minimal fireplace layout. The Before version with just the out-of-the-box television is no match for Reflectel! We are here to enhance the interior design scheme of any room.

From Television to Mirror TV With Bronze Frame
From Television to Mirror TV


Square Orientation

The next orientation that we offer is our Square model. For those who want a little more mirror to their TV, the Square is for you. It fills up wall space and provides a more artistic feel to your Mirror TV by accentuating the mirror glass and the frame. Plus we can even conceal a soundbar as an extra bonus—your choice! You work with our production team to make sure the tech of your choosing is completely hidden.

65” Square – Gilded Shaped

This 65” with a Gilded Shaped frame was definitely a 2023 highlight for us. The other amazing thing about this job is that the Mirror TV is actually recessed into the wall for an extra added level of concealment. All you see from the side is a small section of the frame’s depth, you would never guess a television was hiding behind our Glass. The After is incredibly impressive, especially when placed next to the Before. We think it’s an easy decision to see which one you’d rather have on your wall!

Landscape 16X9 Television Transformed Into A Portrait Mirror Telelvision
Landscape 16X9 Television Transformed Into A Portrait Mirror Telelvision


Portrait Orientation

Finally we have our most outstanding model which is our Portrait Orientation. Our Portrait Mirror TVs are definitely our most grand and revolutionary style. Nobody would ever even think this could pass for a television! This Orientation stands at a vertical axis and has the potential to fill up the most space with the mirror. Think of it as an exaggerated version of our Square model but in the best way possible.

55” Portrait – Specialty Wood

This 55” Portrait with a Specialty Wood frame is one of our most recent installations and we couldn’t be more happy with the result. An added customization option for our Portraits is the television placement. We can conceal the TV anywhere behind the glass. Maybe you prefer it close to the bottom, right in the middle or somewhere near the top. We want our clients’ viewing experience to be as comfortable as possible and we will work with you to find the best solution. In our Photoshop mockups we can even show you the various TV placements so you can figure out exactly how you want to watch. It almost seems unfair to show the Before version—it doesn’t hold a candle to the After!

Full Mirror With Hidden TV Behind The Glass
Full Mirror With Hidden TV Behind The Glass


Plus Orientations

And finally, the Plus series offers the option to have a mirror pillow around the TV image. Or in the case for Landscape Plus, we can add space just to the top or bottom. Whether you want Landscape Plus, Square Plus or Portrait Plus, it is all completely up to you.

65” Landscape Plus – Signature Carved

This 65” Landscape Plus example has some extra mirror space at the top. This allowed us to conceal a soundbar behind the glass along with the television. This was framed with a style from our Signature Carved Series, one of our value engineered options. This Mirror TV picks up the light tones from the exquisite wall details while the Before doesn’t—it’s no mystery which one we like better.

Television That Transitions Into A Mirror
Television That Transitions Into A Mirror

65” Landscape Plus – Modern Wood

This next Landscape Plus is a 65” with a Modern Wood frame, and shows an example of having a mirror pillow on each side. When off, the border is no longer noticeable as it’s one large mirror. You are able to achieve the exact size you want with our Plus Orientations. The Before version stands out too much in this space, while the After fits in with the entire room seamlessly.

Mirror TV Transformation Over Fireplace Mantle
Mirror TV Transformation Over Fireplace Mantle

65” Square Plus – Leather

This thin leather frame has a beautiful copper finish that looks so nice next to the blue and green tones of the mantel underneath. Because the frame is so thin, this had to be part of our Plus Series, and the leather is actually wrapped on a metal base. This allows for the most structurally stable result. The After for this job is for sure the more impressive of the two! A black television doesn’t have the same wow-factor of a Reflectel makeover.

Portrait Mirror Television Made With Samsung TV
Portrait Mirror Television Made With Samsung TV

32” Portrait Plus – Metal

This recessed 32” Portrait Plus with a Carbon Metal Frame was a great addition to this kitchen interior. We made it this height as it fills out the space within the molding millwork design on the wall. And the darker tones of the frame pair great with the other metal accents in the other design elements. The Before is so easily missed and looked over while the After looks purposeful and sleek.



Establishing the shape and buildup are some of the most quintessential steps in constructing a Mirror TV. We encourage those who are interested in purchasing our Mirror TVs to let their creative imaginations run wild and think outside of the box when inquiring with us. Nobody would ever think having a circle shaped television would even be possible, but here at Reflectel, the possibilities are endless. And speaking of circles, it’s time to show off some of our Contour Mirror TVs. The next group of Before and Afters are true showstoppers!

50” Circle Contour – Leather

This next example is hands down one of our favorites. A Mirror TV certainly elevates any room instantly, but a circular Mirror TV truly stands out. We were tasked with designing a Circle Contour Mirror TV for this client’s dining room and they wanted something sleek and minimal. After different variations, we ended up with this beauty—a 67 ½ x 67 ½ circle with a white leather frame. We even made sure the stitching on the small strap details matched beautifully with the frame finish. And the added details of the silver hardware tied everything together wonderfully. The Before version with a regular television is nowhere near as grand as our After.

Sony TV Behind Round Mirror TV With Leather Frame
Sony TV Behind Round Mirror TV With Leather Frame

77” Rounded Corner Contour – Gilded Shaped

Interested in something similar to a rectilinear Landscape Orientation but a softer version? Our Rounded Corner Contour is a great alternative! This grand 77” television stands out so beautifully in this living room interior. This is also another example of a recessed job, the only part you see projecting from the wall is the yellow gold side of the frame. The roundness of the corners is subtle but it makes a huge difference in the overall look! When you see the Before and After next to each other, there’s no doubting the After is the winner. The brightness of the gilded finish contrasts so elegantly with the darker elements of the room.

TV Put Behind Mirror Glass With Curved Corner TV Frame
TV Put Behind Mirror Glass With Curved Corner TV Frame

55” Ellipse Contour – Leather

The last Before and After we’ll be showing is this 55” Ellipse Contour. (This shape is quickly becoming one of our most requested styles!) The frame is part of our Leather Series, L55, and along with the supple black leather it also has gilded edges. The extra touch of gold gives this Mirror TV an even more luxurious appearance. When off, there’s no way anyone would be able to guess there was a television hiding behind the glass. The After is definitely far more impressive than the Before.

TV Behind Mirror With Ellipse Television Frame
TV Behind Mirror With Ellipse Television Frame

Reflectel Glass

Not only do we provide and fulfill your aesthetic needs but we also provide your Mirror TV with the best glass on the market, our Reflectel View Glass. View is the highest quality reflective glass that we offer with 70% Image Transmission low iron/water white finish. It is also the key to what makes us stand out amongst our competitors. It has a beautiful ambient quality which blends in so nicely in any living space. As stated, our Reflectel View Glass has the highest television transmission on the market which is as clear as you can get and is the best available!

reflectel mirrored glass graphic tv transmission
reflectel mirrored glass graphic tv transmission

We also offer two other types of Glass, one of them being “Spa” which is great for bathrooms and vanities. This style of glass has 30% Image Transmission and 70% Reflectivity making it ideal for locations where a lighter mirror is required. Our third and final glass choice is “Look” which has a 50% Image Transmission and 50% Reflectivity. Reflectel Look is an economical option when TV transmission quality is as important.


The Design Process

Having difficulty imagining what a Mirror TV would look like in your or your client’s space? Not a problem! We offer Digital Design Services to take the guesswork. Work with our designers from the initial design consultation all the way to Installation for the perfect result. Can’t decide between two television sizes or maybe stuck between a few frame choices? Let us take care of everything for you.

If you provide us with an elevation drawing or image of the interior, we can easily mock up every option we discuss. By giving us imagery and dimensions, we can make our Mirror TVs to scale within your space. This way you can perfectly envision how a Reflectel Mirror TV will fit in with other design elements and over a mantel fireplace or credenza. Every one of our presentations is unique to each job, we are here to make you look good!

Custom Digital Design Architectural Plans For Hidden TV
Custom Digital Design Architectural Plans For Hidden TV

Why Choose Reflectel?

The combination of the choices of frames and finishes to pick from with our specialty glass, it is no wonder Reflectel is considered to be the best in the Mirror TV market. Overall, we have 35 years of experience in the framing and design industries so we can assure you that we have the instilled professionalism and the knowledge of our product to do the work that we do everyday. As we just described there are many different steps to creating your dream Mirror TV and while it is a lot of hard work the results at the end are definitely worth it.

Reflectel storefront showroom and workshop with founder and owner, Elizabeth Goldfeder
Reflectel Showroom NYC

We offer the most options for customization and innovation out of any of our competitors in this industry. We have the highest quality materials being used to build your Mirror TV by top notch professionals and we are with our clients every step of the way. The Mirror TV is not a new product, but the way that Reflectel does it is so advanced that we make it a new product to the masses. Still want a regular black plastic TV after this deep-dive? You might want to reconsider and work with Reflectel to get your dream Mirror TV. Contact us today!

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Founded and led by Elizabeth Goldfeder, Reflectel boasts over 35 years of pioneering the fusion of design and technology. Elizabeth's vision and dedication have been instrumental in redefining the relationship between art and entertainment. Under her guidance, Reflectel's expertise has become more than just a statement; it's a testament to an unwavering commitment to excellence.

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