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At Reflectel, we specialize in creating Mirror TVs, a perfect blend of modern technology and opulent design. With over 35 years of experience in high-end TV framing, we're pioneers in transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences. Our TV Mirrors are more than just electronics; they're a statement of your unique taste and style.

Transform Your Space with a Touch

Envision a mirror that effortlessly becomes a high-definition television at your command. Whether it's a touch of a button or your voice, our solutions offer convenience and elegance in equal measure. Each piece is a testament to our decades-long journey in marrying sophisticated design with the latest technology.

Tailored to Your Style

Our collection of bespoke TV frames is designed to cater to your style. With a legacy rooted in exceptional craftsmanship, every structure we create is a piece of art, ensuring your Television is not just a gadget but a timeless addition to your décor.

Explore our Mirror TV's A Comprehensive guide.

Reflectel seamlessly intertwines artistry, elegance, and cutting-edge technology to deliver an unparalleled home entertainment experience.


Discover the benefits of where innovative technology meets elegant design. Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality tailored to enhance your living space. 

The Art of Concealment

Experience the sophistication of Reflectel's elegant designs, where each piece serves a dual purpose. Not only do they enhance your room's décor, but they also cleverly hide a high-definition television. The sleek and beautiful design of each Mirror will contribute to a sense of expanded space in your room. Crafted to harmonize with your interior style, these pieces blend seamlessly into your living environment. The result is a functional work of art that beautifies your space and adds a touch of practical luxury.


High-Definition TV 
Behind a Mirror

Within each Reflectel creation lies a cutting-edge television. With a simple activation, what appears as a mirror reveals itself as a vibrant high-definition screen. The high-quality glass we use guarantees crystal-clear images, making your favorite shows and movies come alive with exceptional clarity and vivid colors.Our high-quality glass Enjoy the ease of modern entertainment at your fingertips. These units are fully equipped with all the advanced features you anticipate in a high-end smart television, providing a viewing experience that effortlessly shifts from an elegant mirror to an immersive screen.

Crafting Your Personal Masterpiece

Reflectel stands at the forefront of customization. With over 500 TV frame options, we lead the industry in providing bespoke solutions tailored to your home's decor. Our customization extends beyond frames; we offer the unique ability to integrate soundbars and speakers into the structure, enhancing your audio-visual experience without compromising style. Our commitment to personalization means the possibilities are endless, allowing you to create a Mirror TV that is not just a device but a reflection of your taste and an actual piece of art in your home.

Discover Mirror TV Shapes

Customize Your Dream Mirror TV in Four Easy Steps

Ready to transform your viewing experience? Follow these four steps.

1. Choose Your Shape: Begin by selecting the ideal shape. Whether you're drawn to the landscape's classic elegance or the circle's modern allure, we have a variety of mirror shapes to echo your style perfectly and fit seamlessly into your space.

2. Select Your Glass: Opt for a mirror glass option that best suits your viewing preferences. Our high-quality options, from crystal-clear to anti-glare, ensure a stunning viewing experience and a beautiful reflection when your TV is not in use.

3. Pick Your Frame: Personalize yours with a TV frame that complements your interior decor. Our extensive range includes everything from wood's natural charm to metal's sleek sophistication, catering to all tastes.

4. Choose Your Technology: Complete your design with the latest technology from renowned manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, or LG. Select the brand that aligns with your trust in quality, innovation, and picture perfection.

With these four simple steps, Reflectel makes it enjoyable and effortless to craft a piece of art that's uniquely yours. Each step is an opportunity to seamlessly blend your TV behind a mirror with your décor, enhancing your space and elevating your home entertainment experience to new heights.

Every home has its character, and Reflectel celebrates this with various shapes. Whether you prefer the classic rectangle or a modern circular form, there's a design just for you. Each shape marries practicality with beauty, so keep scrolling to find the one that fits your space like a glove.

1. Discover the Perfect Shape for Your Mirror TV

Every home has its unique character, and at Reflectel, we celebrate this diversity with our wide range of Mirror TV shapes. Choosing the right shape is more than just a practical decision; it's about finding that perfect match that reflects your style and complements your living space.



Experience the ultimate in-home cinema with a Landscape frame. Its wide display is perfect for movies, bringing a cinematic feel into your living room.



Blend sleek design with modern elegance with our Round Corner frame. Its smooth edges offer a modern look that complements any interior.



Opt for a bold, minimalist statement with the Circle Mirror. Its unique shape stands out as a captivating visual centerpiece in any space.



Add a touch of vertical elegance with a Portrait Mirror. Its striking presence enhances any room, making it a focal point of sophisticated style.



Choose the Ellipse Mirror shape for a harmonious blend of form and function. Its unique shape offers a distinctive and stylish viewing experience.

2. Reflectel's Mirror TV Glass Selection

At Reflectel, the finest details make the most significant difference. That's why our Mirror TV glass options are crafted with the utmost precision and care. Our commitment to quality is evident in every piece of glass we select, ensuring that your viewing experience is exceptional.


3. Select Your Custom Mirror TV Frame

A frame isn't just a boundary; it's a statement of taste. At Reflectel, we grasp the significance of the finer points. Our bespoke mirror TV frames aim to enhance your viewing moments. Made with exactness, each frame contributes an element of sophistication to your decor. Whether you're drawn to the homely allure of wood or the contemporary draw of metal, there's something in our collection for you. Explore our wide variety and discover the ideal frame that speaks to your style.

4. Powering Your Entertainment:
Selecting the Heart of Your Television Mirror

At Reflectel, we understand that the soul of a Mirror TV lies in its technological prowess. That's why we offer a range of options from the world's leading Television manufacturers, each renowned for their quality and innovation. With Reflectel, you're not just choosing a television; you're selecting a centerpiece of technology and design. Here are our top three manufacturers and why they are our favorites:

Samsung: Choose Samsung for a vibrant and dynamic viewing experience. Known for their innovative approach to television technology, Samsung brings your favorite content to life with rich colors and deep contrasts. Whether watching a movie or streaming a series, Samsung ensures every scene is a visual feast.

Sony: Opt for Sony and immerse yourself in a world of cutting-edge visuals. Sony's pioneering technology promises a cinematic experience right in your living room. From the subtleties of shadow to the brilliance of light, Sony TVs capture every detail with impeccable clarity.

LG: Select LG and step into the future of television with their groundbreaking OLED technology. Known for delivering perfect blacks and lifelike colors, LG offers an unparalleled picture quality that transforms your viewing into an extraordinary experience.


Welcome to our Mirror TV Gallery, where innovation meets elegance. Dive into a world of seamless design and cutting-edge technology as you explore our diverse collection. Each piece showcases the unique blend of style and functionality that Reflectel is known for. We invite you to browse through and find inspiration for how a Mirror TV can transform your space into a statement of sophistication and modern living.

  • What is a Mirror TV?
    A hidden mirror TV is a television that is seamlessly concealed behind a two-way mirror when not in use.
  • Are Mirror TVs Any Good?
    Absolutely, but the quality largely depends on the TV manufacturer and the type of glass used. Reflectel has extensive expertise in identifying the best combinations for each specific application, ensuring top-notch quality and performance in our Mirror TVs.
  • How does a hidden mirror TV work?
    By using a specialized glass called Mirror TV glass, which allows the TV to be hidden behind a reflective surface while still providing a clear view when the TV is turned on. You can learn more about how it works here.
  • Can I use any TV as a Mirror TV?
    Absolutely! At Reflectel, we have the expertise to accommodate TVs from any manufacturer. We'll guide you in selecting the best glass option to suit the specific application and characteristics of your space, ensuring your TV seamlessly transforms into a hidden mirror TV.
  • Can I customize the frame of my hidden mirror TV?
    Yes, Reflectel offers a wide variety of custom TV frame options to match your personal style and home décor. From sleek and modern to ornate and traditional, there is a frame design to suit every taste.
  • What Mounts Should Be Used for Mirror TVs?
    The choice of mount for a Mirror TV varies based on the model and where it will be installed. The cleat mount is a popular option, but we also provide assistance with tilt mounts, recessed installations, and even motorized solutions to meet your specific needs. You can learn more on our installation page.
  • What Are the Size Options for Mirror TVs?
    At Reflectel, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse selection of sizes and shapes for Mirror TVs. Whether you have specific space requirements or unique preferences, our range caters to all needs. Explore our shapes page to discover the sizes available for each shape. And remember, we can customize any size to fit your vision perfectly.
  • Can I control my hidden mirror TV with a remote?
    Yes, hidden mirror TVs can be controlled using a remote control, just like any other television. Reflectel also offers additional control options, including integration with home automation systems and voice control.
  • What Are the Most Common Applications of Mirror TVs?
    Mirror TVs are versatile and can be found enhancing various spaces, including bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and commercial areas such as hotels and salons. Their adaptability makes them a popular choice for both residential and business environments.
  • Can I update the TV of my hidden mirror TV in the future?
    Reflectel understands that technology evolves, and we offer upgrade options to keep your hidden mirror TV up to date with the latest advancements in audiovisual technology.
  • How do I clean the mirror surface of my hidden mirror TV?
    To clean the mirror surface, simply use a soft, lint-free cloth and a mild glass cleaner. Gently wipe the surface in a circular motion to remove any smudges or fingerprints, ensuring a clear reflection for both the mirror and the TV. You can learn more on our maintenance and care page.
  • Do Mirror TVs Have Built-in Speakers?
    While the standard setup includes sound from the factory speakers, Reflectel takes customization a step further. We can integrate sound bars and other speaker systems directly into your frame for a truly bespoke build, enhancing both the visual and auditory experience. Check out our TV Frame Build page for more custom options.
  • Will a Bathroom Environment Fog Up a Mirror TV?
    Our Mirror TVs are designed with special spa glass that resists fogging, making them ideal for humid environments like bathrooms. This feature ensures clear visibility and functionality, even in steamy conditions. Learn more about Spa Glass.
How else can we help?

At Reflectel, we focus beyond mere transactions; we're in the business of creating experiences. Our team is committed to ensuring you fully enjoy your creative journey. We're with you at each step, from picking the ideal shape to finding the perfect frame. Our dedication to excellence, fueled by our drive for innovation, guarantees a truly outstanding product. So, contact us if you want to transform your entertainment experience. Let's start a journey marked by innovation, elegance, and unmatched quality together.

How to care for and clean your hidden television

Reflectel did a fantastic job fabricating a custom TV soundbar frame for our Garage project. We sent in inspirational pictures of Ferrari stitching, and we worked together to come up with the design. Everything from the samples sent to their attention to detail was top-of-the-line, which we recommend for future projects.
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