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The Art of Shape: Reflectel's Unique Mirror TV Designs

Welcome to the world of Reflectel, where the shape of your Mirror TV is more than a functional choice—it's an artistic statement. Understanding that every home is a unique canvas of individual taste and style, we proudly offer an unparalleled range of shape options for our TV Mirrors. Our collection transcends the ordinary, offering not just a high-end entertainment device but a bespoke piece of art that mirrors your personal style and elevates the ambiance of your home.


Why Shape Matters:
The shape of your Mirror TV is pivotal in defining the character and mood of your room. Whether you seek a bold statement piece or a harmonious addition that complements your decor, our array of shapes provides the ideal solution. From the expansive vistas of our Landscape design to the contemporary grace of our Circle shape, each option is meticulously crafted to transform your space into a haven of style and sophistication.


Flexibility in Design:
At Reflectel, we celebrate the uniqueness of each client. Our commitment to flexibility and customization shines through in our diverse shape offerings. We believe your Mirror TV should be as distinctive as your personality, offering a variety of shapes to ensure your selection is not just a technological wonder but also a seamless extension of your interior design.


Explore Our Shapes:
Immerse yourself in our collection and discover how each shape can introduce a new dynamic to your living space. From the classic allure of the Portrait to the innovative charm of the Ellipse, Reflectel offers a shape for every interior design ethos. Let each shape guide you in crafting a space that is not only technologically advanced but also aesthetically inspiring.


1. Discover the Perfect Shape for Your Mirror TV

Every home has its own character, and Reflectel celebrates this with a variety of shapes. Whether you prefer the classic rectangle or a modern circular form, there's a design just for you. Each shape marries practicality with beauty, so keep scrolling to find the one that fits your space like a glove.


Landscape and Landscape Plus

Reflectel's Landscape design caters to contemporary tastes, meticulously crafted with the 16:9 ratio, ideal for immersive viewing. This style provides a wide display and turns any room into a visual delight, perfect for making your entertainment area a central feature. The Landscape Plus goes even further, with custom TV placement and a hidden spot for your soundbar, ensuring tech enhances art, not distracts from it. For those seeking a cinematic vibe combined with home comfort, these designs deliver.

Square Shaped TV Mirror

Square and Square Plus

The Square design stands as an icon of enduring grace. Ideal for large walls, it merges modern style with balanced symmetry. This shape makes a bold impression, showcasing both its style and statement. It's adaptable, blending effortlessly with diverse interior themes, from sleek minimalism to rich classic. The Square Plus brings extra refinement, with a specially designed space for your soundbar, keeping your entertainment area neat. For those who value magnificence with subtlety, the Square series captures this essence.

Square Mirror TV With Brown Frame Over Marble Mantle
Portrait Mirrored TV

Portrait and Portrait Plus

The Portrait design honors the classic, crafted for moments of thought and self-reflection. It transcends a mere TV, embodying art that echoes traditional design. Within its noble frame lies a realm of entertainment, ready to awaken. The Portrait Plus presents a larger canvas, accommodating vertical and horizontal viewing pleasures. These styles transcend mere watching; they invite you to immerse in a blend of art, culture, and technology.

Curved Corner TV Behind A Mirror

Curved Corners

Reflectel's Curved Corners design defies tradition, bringing smoothness and elegance to your entertainment space. Its soft curves provide a unique visual relief, standing out in any room. But it's not just about looks; the curved structure enriches viewing, making images more absorbing and engaging. If you value subtle design details and desire a break from the norm, this design is an ideal selection.

Round Circle TV Mirror


Reflectel's Circle design applauds the contemporary. Its unique shape sparks discussion, becoming a standout feature in any space. More than its shape, the Circle offers an unmatched viewing journey, bringing high-definition to life in an extraordinary way. It's tailored for those who embrace uniqueness, seeing their living area as a reflection of their character.

Elipse TV Mirror


The Ellipse shape is a masterpiece of design, highlighting the allure of smooth lines for a tranquil yet enthralling visual treat. Its form harkens back to the eternal appeal of simplicity, fitting flawlessly into areas that echo a subtle opulence. Each curve and line denotes careful artistry, standing as a work of art in itself.

How else can we help?

At Reflectel, we focus beyond mere transactions; we're in the business of creating experiences. Our team is committed to ensuring you fully enjoy your creative journey. From picking the ideal shape to finding the perfect frame, we're with you at each step. Our dedication to excellence, fueled by our drive for innovation, guarantees a truly outstanding product. So, if you're set to transform your entertainment experience, reach out to us. Let's start a journey marked by innovation, elegance, and unmatched quality together.

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