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Embracing Reflections of Excellence:

The Unparalleled Elegance of Reflectel TV Mirror Glass

Elevating Mirror TV Glass to New Heights

At Reflectel, we redefine the art of television concealment by understanding the pivotal role that glass plays in the design process of Mirror TVs. Alongside shape and frame selection, our diverse range of TV Mirror Glass options with varying transmissions allows you to achieve the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. As the leading provider of premium Mirror TV Glass, our team of experts in Tribeca NYC is committed to delivering exceptional glass quality that enhances the overall appeal of your Mirror TV. Step into a world of innovation and sophistication as we guide you through the transformative journey of creating a Mirror TV that reflects your unique style.

How to care and clean for your mirror TV glass

Reflectel Mirror TV Glass: Unveiling the Beauty and Brilliance

Behind a Flawless Viewing Experience.


With exceptional clarity, optimal TV transmission, and stunning reflective properties, Reflectel Mirror TV Glass sets a new standard in home entertainment. Experience the seamless integration of technology and design as you embark on a journey of visual excellence with Reflectel Mirror TV Glass.

Optimal Television Transmission

Stunning Reflective

and Customization

Reflectel Mirror TV Glass offers exceptional transmission rates, ensuring that you enjoy a clear and vibrant viewing experience with your Mirror TV.

With Reflectel Mirror TV Glass, you'll appreciate the exquisite mirror-like appearance when the TV is turned off, adding a touch of elegance and style to your space.

Reflectel Mirror TV Proprietary Glass comes in a variety of options, allowing you to choose the perfect glass substrate and coating to suit your specific needs. 

Discover Mirror TV Shapes

Discover The Perfect Reflectel Mirror TV Glass

Explore our carefully selected range of Mirror TV Glass options, each designed to deliver optimal TV transmission and stunning reflective properties. From the industry-leading Reflectel View Glass to the versatile Reflectel Spa Glass, we offer choices that suit your specific needs.

Living Room With Hidden Television Over Mantle


Venture into the realm of advanced Mirror TV technology with Reflectel'-View glass. Engineered for the ultimate disguise, it promises pristine clarity and impeccable transparency, ensuring your TV displays without a hitch. With compatibility that spans giants like LG, Sony, and Samsung, trust in this dielectric glass to offer a visually harmonious union with your chosen TV brand.

Take a leap into immersive entertainment by transforming spaces – be it your inviting living room or the majestic backdrop of your fireplace mantel. Pairing Reflectel's dielectric glass with our tailor-made frames, we present a design marvel that effortlessly marries cutting-edge tech with sheer elegance.

Reflectel Spa-Glass

Dive into the realm of luxury with Reflectel Spa Glass, your perfect ally for crafting enchanting mirrors in bathrooms, gyms, and spas. Its unparalleled properties empower you to convert ordinary spaces into sumptuous sanctuaries, seamlessly integrating TV concealment into your posh bathroom or lavish spa, adding a dash of refined elegance to your daily rituals.

At Reflectel, personalization isn't just a feature – it's a promise. Whether it's bringing the magic mirror concept alive in your private gym or seamlessly blending TV into your spa surroundings, our dedicated team walks with you, turning your vision into reality. Journey with Reflectel into a world where sophistication meets transformation.




Our Reflect-View is at the cutting edge of technology, ideal for any room you live in: Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Den, or Dining Room. This top of industry Mirror is optical quality not architectural quality, that others use. Flawless HD quality – incredible brightness. The absolute highest picture quality on the market.


Maximum TV Transmission

The Best Mirror TV Glass

Maximum Size – Please email

Best Quality Glass Substrate

The Best Picture Transmission

Finest Quality Glass

Most flattering Reflections

4mm Thick View Glass (5/32″)  
6mm Thick View Glass (1/4″)  


Enhance your project with Reflectel Spa Glass. With its exceptional light reflection of 70%, it provides a brilliant surface for applying makeup or shaving while maintaining excellent picture quality, ensuring a visually stunning experience. Elevate your space with our Spa glass and enjoy the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.


30% Picture Transmission
70% Reflectivity

6mm Spa Glass
30% Picture Transmission
70% Reflectivity
Custom Cut
Maximum Size – 125″ x 69″
Special Order – 148″ x 69″

Reflectel's Mirror TV Glass Innovation

Immerse yourself in the world of pristine TV transmission offered by Reflectel's Mirror TV glass. Standing tall with an industry-leading 70% transmission rate, our Low Iron Glass ensures unrivaled clarity. Coated with anti-reflective properties on one face and graced with a "high reflective coating" on the opposite, it guarantees impeccable optical finesse. While in its mirror avatar, relish its ambient silver lavender hue, bidding adieu to the common green undertone seen in regular iron glass. It's a match made in heaven for settings with tailored lighting and window treatments, offering you the canvas to craft the perfect mood.

Further enhancing its allure, our back-painting method ensures glass beyond the TV display remains black, amplifying the glass's reflection. This not only augments the visual charm but also promises a cohesive merge with your decor.

Grasping the essence of glass transmission is pivotal for optimal mirror TV prowess. Reflectel's glass redefines excellence, outshining traditional clear glass with its crystal clarity and devoid of the greenish tint. Revel in the vibrant colors and engulfing visuals of your mirror TV, empowered by Reflectel's groundbreaking glass.

Ordering Glass Samples: Unveiling the Clarity and Craftsmanship

Embark on a transformative journey with Reflectel by exploring our exceptional glass samples. Witness the unparalleled quality and transmission of our glass, tailored for discerning individuals like you. Make your selection from a variety of sizes, ranging from compact 3x3 or 6x6 to a more expansive 12x12. With packing and shipping encompassed within the Continental US, your order experience is nothing short of effortless.

Initiating your request is simple: send an email to with "Glass Samples Request" as the subject. Expect our team to reach out within 1-2 business days. Payments are streamlined with our Credit Card Authorization Form, and if it's your maiden order, we're pleased to refund the glass sample fees. 

Dive deeper into the Reflectel experience by visiting our Tribeca showroom. Here, witness the art of customization: from bespoke shapes, tempered glass, and laminated options to polished edges and even frameless Mirror TVs for that ultra-modern touch.

Set the stage for excellence with Reflectel's premium glass samples and turn your aspirational Mirror TV vision into a tangible masterpiece.

How else can we help?

Thank you for diving into our Mirror TV Glass page. This guide aims to offer clarity on transmission rates, glass substrates, and coatings, emphasizing the pivotal role of Mirror TV Glass in elevating your viewing experience. With over 35 years at the forefront, Reflectel is passionate about melding your unique style into a Mirror TV that epitomizes luxury. Journey with us to discover and design a centerpiece of innovation. Elevate your visual encounters with Reflectel Mirror TV Glass. Ready to transform your vision? Contact Reflectel and let's embark together.

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