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Embracing Reflections of Excellence:

The Unparalleled Elegance of Reflectel TV Mirror Glass

Beyond Concealment: Unveiling the Art of Mirror TV Glass

At Reflectel, we offer the best Mirror TV Glass, with varying transmissions for the perfect solution according to the environment. This Reflectel View glass is called made from dielectric glass. Our high-quality glass looks impressive in front of an LGTV, Sony, Samsung or your preferred brand.

We also offer Reflectel Spa glass, which is great in a bathroom, gym, or spa. Find out how we can help you with a magic mirror for your living room, bedroom or how to conceal your TV in your bathroom!


Our TV Mirrors are the only ones using this top-of-line mirror TV glass. Treat yourself to this luxurious glass product to enhance the décor in your Great Room, Bedroom, or almost any room in your house!  Reflectel is the only glass supplier that also fabricates custom TV frames. We are conveniently located in Tribeca, NYC, just two blocks below Canal Street and two avenues from the West Side Highway.


We have 35 years of experience in the framing world as Master Frame makers with GK Framing, and we offer both Reflectel View with the highest Transmission and best Reflectivity and Spa Glass for a discreet Bathroom solution. Consequently, we are the leaders in hidden mirror glass technology.

How to care for and clean your mirror TV glass

Reflectel Mirror TV Glass: Unveiling the Beauty and Brilliance

Behind a Flawless Viewing Experience.


Reflectel Mirror TV Glass isn't just a layer of reflection; it's the canvas for your entertainment masterpiece. It seamlessly blends technology and design, creating a symphony of visual excellence for your home. So, ditch the clunky box and step into a world where your TV becomes an art form:

Optimal Television Transmission

Stunning Reflective

and Customization

Reflectel's exceptional transmission rates guarantee stunning picture quality. Every pixel pops, every detail shines, transporting you into the heart of your favorite movies and shows. No more squinting or washed-out scenes – just pure, immersive viewing bliss.

Your Reflectel Mirror TV transforms into a dazzling art piece when the TV is off. Its exquisite mirror-like properties add depth and elegance to your space, reflecting light and creating a captivating ambiance. It's more than just a screen; it's a conversation starter.

Reflectel Mirror TV Glass isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. We offer various options, from crystal-clear transmission to subtly obscured elegance. Choose the perfect mirror glass substrate and coating to match your style and viewing preferences. 




Our Reflect-View is at the cutting edge of technology, ideal for any room you live in: Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Den, or Dining Room. This top-of-the-industry mirror is of optical quality, not architectural quality, that others use. Flawless HD quality – incredible brightness. The absolute highest picture quality on the market.


Maximum TV Transmission

The Best Mirror TV Glass

Maximum Size – Please email

Best Quality Glass Substrate

The Best Picture Transmission

Finest Quality Glass

Most flattering Reflections

4mm Thick View Glass (5/32″)  
6mm Thick View Glass (1/4″)  


Enhance your project with Reflectel Spa Glass. Its exceptional light reflection of 70% provides a brilliant surface for applying makeup or shaving while maintaining excellent picture quality, ensuring a visually stunning experience. Elevate your space with our Spa glass and enjoy the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.


30% Picture Transmission
70% Reflectivity

6mm Spa Glass
30% Picture Transmission
70% Reflectivity
Custom Cut
Maximum Size – 125″ x 69″
Special Order – 148″ x 69″

Reflectel: Where Clarity Redefines Mirror TV

Reflectel Mirror TV Glass rewrites the rules with its industry-leading 70% transmission rate. Our Low Iron Glass isn't just clear – it's crystal clear, without the greenish tint of other manufacturers, revealing every detail of your favorite movies and shows. 

But our innovation doesn't stop there. Our special coating delivers a flawless mirror experience when the TV is off. And thanks to our unique back-painting technique, the rest of the glass stays a sleek black, ensuring your TV remains hidden in plain sight.

So, ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. With Reflectel Mirror TV Glass, every detail is crystal clear, every reflection tells a story, and every moment becomes a masterpiece.

Ordering Glass Samples: Get a Glimpse of Reflectel Glass Perfection

Before you commit to your dream Mirror TV, why not get a taste of the magic? Reflectel's glass samples are your backstage pass to our world of unparalleled quality and clarity. Hold the future of entertainment in your hands with our range of sizes, from pocket-sized 3x3 to the expansive 12x12. Plus, with free shipping and packing within the continental US, getting your sample is as effortless as exciting.

Ordering is a breeze – drop us an email at info@reflectel.

How else can we help?

This is just a glimpse into the possibilities Reflectel Mirror TV Glass unlocks. Explore our collection and discover the perfect canvas to reflect your unique vision. From immersive entertainment to serene escapes, Reflectel is your partner in crafting a space that shines, one dazzling reflection at a time.

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