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Mirror TV Care, A Reflectel Guide:
Expert Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Hidden Television.

Thank you for choosing Reflectel to grace your beautiful home. A Mirror TV isn't just a piece of advanced technology; it's an embodiment of sophisticated artistry and modern innovation. Such a luxurious addition to your space deserves the utmost care to preserve its elegance and performance. This guide, crafted with the meticulousness worthy of a top-tier magazine editor, is designed to provide you with comprehensive insights to ensure your Mirror TV continues to be the captivating centerpiece of your home for years to come.

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Reflectel is here to ensure every moment with your Mirror TV is as captivating as the first.



  • Dust Off: Use a microfiber cloth or a soft duster to gently brush away dust. Regular dusting prevents particle buildup which can scratch the surface over time. Spray the solution onto a soft cloth, not directly onto the mirror, and wipe in circular motions.

  • Wipe Down: For a streak-free shine, use a 50/50 solution of distilled water and white vinegar. 


  • Opt for soft microfiber cloths over paper towels.

  • Steer clear of abrasive cleaners or scrubbing tools.


  • Always ensure the TV is turned off and unplugged before cleaning.

  • Be cautious of liquid around edges, ports, and vents to prevent internal damage.

  • If your setup includes external speakers or soundbars, cover or move them away during cleaning.

Discover Mirror TV Shapes


Reflectel's frames are more than mere borders; they are the embodiment of authentic artistry and craftsmanship. Just as a masterpiece requires preservation, our frames demand attentive care to uphold their allure and integrity. Dive into our comprehensive guide to ensure your Reflectel frame remains as pristine as the day it was crafted.

  • These require gentle care. Dust with a soft brush and avoid liquid cleaners. For intensive cleaning, consult a professional.

  • Genuine Leather: Use leather-specific cleaners and conditioners to maintain suppleness.

  • Faux Leather: Clean with mild soap and water. Avoid products meant for genuine leather.

  • Aluminum: Clean with a soft cloth dampened with water and mild soap. It's rust-resistant, but avoid abrasive cleaners.

  • Steel: A soft cloth with water and mild detergent works best. For stubborn spots, opt for a stainless steel cleaner.

  • Bronze: Tarnishing is natural. Use a bronze-specific cleaner and consider a protective wax coating.

  • Other Metals: Always use metal-specific cleaners and test on a discreet section first.

  • Common Hardwoods (Cherry, Oak, Walnut, etc.): Dust with a lint-free cloth. For deeper cleaning, use a wood-specific cleaner, and always follow with a protective polish or wax.

  • Exotic Hardwoods: Consult manufacturer guidelines. Generally, protect from direct sunlight and moisture.
    Leather Frames:


A frame is more than just a border; it's an expression of style. At Reflectel, we understand the importance of details. Our custom TV frames are designed to elevate your viewing experience. Crafted with precision, each frame adds a touch of elegance to your interior design. Whether you prefer the rustic charm of wood or the modern appeal of metal, we have something for everyone. Dive into our diverse range and find the perfect frame that resonates with your style.


  • Protect your Mirror TV from direct sunlight, which can affect display quality and mirror reflection.

  • Ensure adequate ventilation. Overheating can compromise the TV's lifespan.

  • For high-humidity areas, like bathrooms, ensure proper ventilation to prevent moisture damage.


  • If you encounter issues with the TV or mirror quality, always consult professionals or the manufacturer.

  • For intensive cleaning or stubborn marks, consider hiring experts in mirror or glass care.


  • Picture Quality: Ensure your Mirror TV is calibrated correctly. Adjust brightness, contrast, and color settings as per room lighting for the best viewing experience.

  • Sound: If your Mirror TV comes with an integrated sound system, ensure the sound vents are free from dust. Consider adding external sound systems for an enhanced audio experience.

How else can we help?

At Reflectel, we craft more than just products; we curate unparalleled experiences. Every Mirror TV is a testament to our dedication to quality and innovation. From the meticulous design of the mirror to the artistry of the frame, we take every measure to ensure its enduring beauty and functionality. Our commitment is to ensure that your Mirror TV remains as captivating as the day you first beheld it. Should you have questions, need assistance, or wish to share suggestions, our team is always here to assist. Together, let's celebrate the fusion of art, technology, and timeless elegance.

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