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Welcome to the art of metallic craftsmanship

Experience the modern elegance of Reflectel's metal TV frames, a blend of contemporary design and impeccable craftsmanship. Elevate your space with our meticulously crafted mirror tv's, which not only stand as a testament to quality but also to exquisite design. Our diverse selection, ranging from Raw Bolt Welded Steel and Brushed Satin to Mirror Polish Aluminum and Carbon, ensures every individual finds their perfect match.

At Reflectel, we prioritize unparalleled design and precision. Each piece is tailored to impeccably accompany your television, seamlessly integrating into your interior while becoming its striking centerpiece. Our refined selections each offer a unique charm and allure, enabling you to customize your  technology according to your distinct taste. Trust in Reflectel's commitment to excellence. With our craftsmanship, your television transcends its primary function, becoming a statement of artistry and sophistication. Allow us to elevate your entertainment experience to an artistic expression. Choose Reflectel and witness a harmonious blend of technology and design.

For the perfect metal frame to encapsulate your vision, get in touch with Reflectel today. Let's craft your ideal Mirror TV experience together.

How to care and clean for your frame

Elevate your living space with Reflectel's metal frames, where functionality meets captivating design in perfect harmony.

Crafting Elegance: Handcrafted Metal Frames by Reflectel

For over three decades, Reflectel has been at the forefront of crafting Metal TV Frames that perfectly marry art and technology. Our curated selection of materials, from the luminous Mirror Polish Aluminum to the rich Brushed Bronze and the edgy Ground Gunmetal, are chosen to provide both contemporary flair and timeless grace. Dive deep into our bespoke design process where every choice you make is guided by our seasoned experts, ensuring your vision is realized in its most exquisite form.

Whether your aesthetic leans towards the minimalistic and modern or the bold and raw, Reflectel has the expertise to deliver a television design that not only meets but surpasses your desires. Start your transformative journey with Reflectel today. Let us reimagine your space, where cutting-edge technology meets unmatched design. Reach out and explore the vast horizons of what your Mirror TV can truly become.

Explore Our Other Frame Collections

Discover the diverse range of frame options available at Reflectel. From the warmth and elegance of wood to the sophistication of our leather, metal, gilded, and signature series, each collection offers a unique aesthetic to complement your Mirror TV. Browse through our stunning gallery and find the perfect style to elevate your space and create a captivating focal point. Experience the artistry and craftsmanship that sets Reflectel apart and create a work of art that reflects your personal style and taste.


Reflectel's Metal Series Frames are more than just a housing for your Mirror TV - they are a piece of art that adds a touch of elegance to your home. Experience the difference today.


Our products are not mass-produced. They are handcrafted right here in NYC, by local artisans who pour their passion and expertise into each piece. Every piece is truly unique and built to your specs.


Every piece we craft uses wood that's been responsibly sourced, with a finish created from eco-friendly materials. We are dedication towards environmental sustainability and conserving our natural resources.


Enhance your Mirror TV with our stylish designs. Choose from Raw Bolt Welded Steel, Brushed Aluminum, Etched Bronze, Ground Gunmetal, Blackened Steel, Mirror Polish Aluminum or any metal that will conceal your technology. 


Looking to have your technology match your furniture? No problem! Leveraging over three decades of expertise, we are proficient at crafting art with unparalleled accuracy and likeness to your style.