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Leather TV Frames: Luxury Exquisitely Redefined By Reflectel

Our Leather TV Frame Series isn't just about covering screens; it's about crafting bespoke masterpieces that elevate your space and reflect your unique story. For over 35 years, Reflectel, nestled in the heart of Tribeca, has mastered the art of transforming entertainment into exquisite art.

Experience 35 years of expertise: Our masters of leatherwork, honed over generations in Tribeca's vibrant art scene, bring your vision to life with meticulous care. Whether you crave the sleek modernity of minimalist lines or the timeless elegance of intricate stitching.

Beyond the rectangle: Reflectel's frames embrace diverse shapes, from captivating circles and ovals to bold geometric patterns. Witness your living space transforms as the TV screen morphs into a mesmerizing mirror, a captivating conversation starter that reflects your refined taste.

Mirror TV transcends entertainment: It becomes a portal to a world of illumination and depth, amplifying your existing design and injecting a touch of modern technology. 

Explore our curated collection, envision your dream design, and let Reflectel's 35 years of New York artistry guide you. Experience the zenith of luxury living, where technology gracefully dances with bespoke craftsmanship.

How to care and clean for your frame

Indulge in the Artistry of Reflectel's Leather Frames: Where Luxury Meets Functionality

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Reflectel's Leather Series Frames,
Where fine craftsmanship meets timeless elegance.

Delve into the realm of unparalleled luxury with Reflectel's Handcrafted Leather Frame Collection. Crafted with precision, each piece stands as a testament to timeless elegance. Enhanced with opulent details like gold, silver, or diamond embellishments, they radiate sheer opulence. Whether you lean towards classic elegance or modern sophistication, our diverse styles promise to elevate your Mirror TV experience. Each stitch is a mark of our dedication to quality, revealing our unmatched attention to detail. Allow Reflectel's to metamorphose your space into a sanctuary of elegance, where every facet mirrors artisanal excellence. Revel in the charm of genuine leather paired with lavish adornments and trust Reflectel to craft a centerpiece that is the very essence of luxury and sophistication.