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Work with our experienced artisans,

to bring your vision to life.


At Reflectel, we are the pioneers in redefining the definition of Hidden Televisions, blending elegance with cutting-edge technology. With our rich heritage spanning over 30 years of precision craftsmanship, we specialize in TVs behind Mirrors that transcend functionality to become timeless pieces of art. Our seasoned artisans and their meticulous eye for detail, excel in creating bespoke concealed designs, offering a refined solution for your living spaces. Our personalized design services go beyond the conventional; we provide tailored Photoshop mockups and presentations, aiding you in making well-informed decisions to attain the perfect piece. We hold the belief that every nuance matters, and our devoted team is committed to transforming your vision into reality.

How to care and clean for your hidden television

Unlock the extraordinary possibilities of Reflectel Hidden Television design and create a captivating centerpiece in your home.

5 Step Quick-Guide: Design Your Perfect Hidden TV

Design your personalized Hidden TV with our straightforward 5-step guide. Each step is a gateway to more detailed insights, allowing you to explore every facet of your design. 


Browse our landscape, portrait, square, or round designs to find the perfect match for your space.


decide the best size for your space – consider the dimensions and proportions to ensure a harmonious fit.


Choose your display – select your favorite brand and features that amplify your viewing pleasure.


Explore our glass options – consider low iron glass for superior transmission and anti-reflective properties.


Pick a frame – featuring wood, metal, leather, and gilded frames that mirrors your personal taste.

Step 1 Choose Shape

Crafting Your Vision:
The Hidden Television Design Journey

Our detailed process is designed to help you turn your creative vision into reality. Work closely with our skilled artisans to create a Hidden TV that reflects your unique style. Let your creativity shine and build a masterpiece with the experienced guidance of Reflectel.

Step 1: Shape Selection - Creating Symmetry and Interior Design Cohesiveness

The initial step is selecting the perfect shape. Evaluate the dimensions and layout of your room to ensure the chosen shape blends seamlessly with your existing elements, creating a harmonious ambiance. Reflectel presents a wide array of shapes—landscape, landscape plus, portrait, portrait plus, square, and round—giving you the freedom to unleash your creativity and design a space that's both visually appealing and functionally sound. Explore the realm of possibilities with our Frame Design options and make a bold statement with the shape of your TV Behind a Mirror.



Immerse in cinematic views with Reflectel's landscape shapes, offering a wide display for captivating home entertainment.

Round-Corner-Shaped-Concealed Television.jpg


Experience seamless fusion with our round corner solutions, combining sleek design and modern sophistication.



Embrace minimalism with Reflectel's circular and round models, seamlessly integrating as a captivating visual centerpiece.



Elevate your space with a refined portrait shape, delivering a striking vertical presence that commands attention.



Make a statement with Reflectel's elliptical shape  concealing and  harmonizing form and function for a unique viewing experience. 

Step 2 Choose Size

Step 2: Size Selection -
Finding the Perfect Fit

The size of your Hidden Mirror Television is crucial in crafting an immersive viewing experience. Let Reflectel guide you towards a size that harmonizes with your space. Whether you prefer compact displays for cozy corners or grand screens that evoke a cinematic aura, our extensive range caters to every preference. Consider the dimensions of the room, your viewing distance, and the aesthetic ambiance you aim to create. With Reflectel's expert insights, navigate through the options with ease, ensuring your choice not only fits but enhances your entertainment realm.

Step 3 Choos TV Brand Model

Step 3: Brand and Features - Unleashing Cutting-Edge Technology

Embrace industry stalwarts like Sony and Samsung, renowned for their crystal-clear visuals and pioneering innovations. Determine if a Smart features, with effortless streaming, aligns with your preferences, or if you yearn for additional functionalities like voice commands or ultra-fluid motion. Our proficient team at Reflectel is at your service, offering invaluable insights to ensure your selections align with your entertainment predilections and tech aspirations. Fuse the sophistication of a Television Behind your Mirror with the zenith of technology, impeccably tailored for you.

Step 4 Select Mirro Glass Type

Step 4: Selecting the Perfect Glass Enhancing Clarity and Function

The quality of your viewing experience is profoundly influenced by the choice of glass. For those seeking vibrant clarity and luminosity, Spa Glass unveils vivid colors and sharp details. Alternatively, Dielectric Glass is the preferred choice for spaces bathed in ambient light, ensuring excellent transmission while minimizing reflections. Trust Reflectel's team of friendly experts to recommend the ideal glass, tailored to your unique requirements. Delight in a blend of unparalleled visual elegance with glass that accentuates the artistry of your TV Behind a Mirror.

Step 5 Choose Your Custom Frame

Step 5: Enhancing Aesthetics with the Perfect Frame

The final touch to your Hidden Television is encapsulated in the frame you choose. Explore a spectrum of styles, materials, and finishes. From the timeless allure of rich wood frames to the contemporary charm of sleek metal, and the regal elegance of gilded or leather designs,our diverse assortment reflects your distinct taste. Under the guidance of skilled artisans, select a frame that harmonizes with your décor and amplifies the beauty of your Mirror Television.



Bring Your Vision to Life with Personalized Hidden TV Renderings

Our design services extend to tailored Photoshop mockups, enabling you to envision how a Hidden Television would elevate your space. Through personalized renderings, witness the seamless integration and aesthetic enhancement as we bring your vision closer to reality. Reflectel's expertly crafted renderings, ensure your design choices are well-informed and perfectly aligned with your interior aesthetics.

Thank You for Exploring Our Design Process

At Reflectel, we are dedicated to elevating your home entertainment experience through thoughtful design and personalized solutions. Our journey together is centered around crafting a solution that not only serves as a focal point of entertainment but also as a harmonious addition to your décor. With a meticulous approach towards every detail, from Shape, Glass, TV Frames, to the final installation, we ensure a seamless blend of technology and artistry. Contact us today, and let's  transform your space, encapsulating both elegance and entertainment.

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