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Gilded TV Frames:
The Epitome of Luxurious Craftsmanship

Dive into the realm of opulence with Reflectel's Gilded Series TV frames. Crafted by the deft hands of master artisans, our frames are adorned in genuine gold leaf, encapsulating the essence of unmatched craftsmanship. Each creation stands as a unique emblem of artistry, ensuring every Reflectel frame possesses an individual charm. Choose from a myriad of gold finishes, from the lustrous sheen of yellow gold to the muted elegance of pale and white gold. Our distinct clay finishes, available in hues of blue, black, purple, and red, further accentuate the frame's character.

At Reflectel, we revere the storied past of antique frames, taking cues from the artistic epochs of French, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch design. Our curated collection traverses time, from ornate historical motifs to streamlined contemporary patterns. Every Frame is crafted to gracefully protrude from the wall, masterfully camouflaging your LG, Sony, or Samsung TV, replacing unsightly plastic edges with grandeur. Reflectel's Gilded Series redefines viewing, transforming utilitarian screens into captivating works of art. Trust in our framing heritage to craft a statement piece that not only showcases content but also is content. Dive into our rich portfolio and let Reflectel elevate every corner of your space.

How to care and clean for your frame

Reflectel's exquisite Gilded Frames, where captivating design seamlessly combines with functionality, creating a stunning focal point that exudes elegance.

Step 1 Choose Shape

Gilded Carved TV Frames: Experience Opulence

Discover the artistry of Reflectel's Gilded Carved Frame Collection. Hand-carved with precision and finished in rich gold, each frame epitomizes elegance. Choose from styles like American, European, French, Italian, and Spanish to enhance your TV. Reflectel's frames, inspired by periods from the Italian Renaissance to Spanish 18th-19th century, are masterpieces of craftsmanship. Elevate your space with these luxurious frames, turning your Mirror TV into a captivating centerpiece. Experience the charm of carved artistry with Reflectel.


Gilded Shaped TV Frames: Exquisite Elegance

Dive into Reflectel's Gilded Frame Collection, a fusion of luxury and craftsmanship. With meticulous hand-carving and lavish gold finishes, these frames turn your Mirror TV into a statement of timeless elegance. Whether you prefer the detailed Carved Frames or the distinct Shaped Frames, Reflectel offers unmatched artistry. Let your Mirror TV shine as a mesmerizing masterpiece with the unparalleled beauty of our shaped Frame Collection. Elevate your viewing experience in style.

Experience luxury with Reflectel's Gilded Shaped Frames from our Bespoke line. Crafted with precision and customizable in a spectrum of gold and clay tones, these frames integrate flawlessly with your interior aesthetics. The meticulous hand-carving signifies unmatched craftsmanship, while our array of finishes ensures a tailored look for your space. Tap into our Design Services for a visual preview and hassle-free installation. Transition from ordinary plastic to the refined artistry of Reflectel's custom frames. Elevate your interior with bespoke elegance.

Explore Our Other Frame Collections

Discover the diverse range of frame options available at Reflectel. From the warmth and elegance of our wood frames to the sophistication of our leather, metal, and signature series, each collection offers a unique aesthetic to complement your Mirror TV. Browse through our stunning gallery and find the perfect frame to elevate your space and create a captivating focal point. Experience the artistry and craftsmanship that sets Reflectel apart and choose the frame that reflects your personal style and taste.


Reflectel's Gilded Series Frames are more than just a housing for your Mirror TV - they are a piece of art that adds a touch of elegance to your home. Experience the difference today.


Celebrating the essence of authentic artisanship, each of our frames is individually handcrafted in the heart of NYC. Made by seasoned local artisans, they pour soul and finesse into each piece, ensuring that what you receive is not just a frame but a piece of art. Every piece is not just tailor-made, but heart-made to resonate with your vision.


Our commitment transcends beyond aesthetics. With an unwavering dedication to our planet, each frame is carved from responsibly sourced wood. The finishes, while reflecting beauty, are crafted from eco-conscious materials, reinforcing our pledge towards nurturing the environment and safeguarding our natural treasures.


A symphony of classic artistry and contemporary technology, our artisan frames are masterpieces. Drawing inspirations from diverse epochs - be it American grandeur, European, French, Italian, or Spanish allure - each frame is a testament to timeless beauty. Witness the perfect marriage of tradition and technology.


We believe in the harmony of design. If you're envisioning a frame that mirrors the soul of your furniture, consider it done. With over 30 years of artistry under our belt, we pride ourselves on crafting frames that echo the essence and aesthetics of your cherished furniture with precision. Dive into a seamless visual journey with Reflectel.

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